Jeremy’s Book

Never Say Invisible

In this moving, eye-opening memoir, Jeremy shares his journey from being a picture of perfect health to being fully dependent on his family after he contracted ALS.

Along the way, he experiences the devastation of the disease, abandonment by his wife, and a society that shuns people with disabilities. But it’s not all doom and gloom. He finds love, support, and a powerful purpose to share with the world.

More than a memoir, this book also includes advice, hacks, and resources that helped Jeremy live his best life possible.

(Formerly titled The Invisible Nation)

Early Praise

“Jeremy Schreiber has written an engaging memoir about his journey with ALS, as well as a clear and concise guide for those facing serious health issues, their caregivers, and just about everyone else. Filled with honesty, poignancy, passion, and humor, it will open your eyes and possibly your heart.”
Jeremy's Book | Never Say Invisible
New York Times best-selling author
“You will finish this book and feel nothing but actual love for the man who wrote it. You will thank him for making you remember that every second is precious. And we are all so lucky to be alive, whether we can turn the pages of this page-turner ourselves or not.”
Jeremy's Book | Never Say Invisible
New York Times best-selling author
“This book reflects the extraordinary life of a truly courageous man. With humor, common sense, compassion, and without feeling sorry for himself in the least, Jeremy Schreiber takes you on a journey through the hellish trauma of ALS . . . Beautifully written.”
Jeremy's Book | Never Say Invisible
Award-winning author of The Pale-Faced Lie
“Jeremy Schreiber approaches his devastating diagnosis with courage and humor — and in doing so delivers a wake-up call that urges us to rethink the way we see, or fail to see, those with disabilities.”
Jeremy's Book | Never Say Invisible
New York Times best-selling author and political speechwriter
“An eye-opening and deeply humbling read about one man’s infinite determination to survive.”
Jeremy's Book | Never Say Invisible
USA Today best-selling author
“For fans of rooting for the underdog, Never Say Invisible is an important memoir with tips for becoming your own champion, despite the odds. I love it!”
Jeremy's Book | Never Say Invisible
“Heartbreaking, gut-wrenchingly honest, yet simultaneously funny. Anyone with a disability should read Never Say Invisible.”
Jeremy's Book | Never Say Invisible
Actress and ALS advocate
“An unforgettable take on what it is like to have your world cracked open by extreme physical disability. . . The honesty, anger, and unflinching detail of Schreiber’s account bestow a power most inspirational stories lack. I will not forget this book.”
Jeremy's Book | Never Say Invisible
New York Times best-selling author
“Jeremy Schreiber has written a moving and raw book in Never Say Invisible. He combines scathing humor with authentic prose, forcing the reader to mentally confront the challenges faced by those with disabilities—especially people with motor neuron disease.”
Jeremy's Book | Never Say Invisible
Award-winning author of It All Comes Back to You and Tapestry
“Never Say Invisible is an unapologetic observation of this world through the lens of a terminal illness.”
Jeremy's Book | Never Say Invisible
Tony Award–winning actress and singer
“What Jeremy has done here is not only inspiring but also invaluable. When we are faced with difficult situations, it has been my view that laughter is almost as beneficial as medicine.”
Jeremy's Book | Never Say Invisible
Comedian and actor